About DIY Workshop

About DIY Workshop

I am a mechanical engineer, writer, and inventor who loves do-it-yourself projects. Because I am constantly designing and building things in my spare time, I decided to start documenting my projects in order to offer my plans for others to build, as well as providing you the benefits of purchasing the materials at a lower cost in a kit.

Throughout the years of DIY projects I have learned a lot. A true do-it-yourself project is one that costs a fraction of the cost of its commercial counterpart, but does not lose any quality; in fact in many respects it is a better product because it can be tailored to the builder’s desires. Such a project is never an easy task. It takes many iterations and experimenting to find such a design. It takes innovative thinking that searches for creative uses of everyday materials. Unfortunately, this experimental process of design also results in high-cost, because many ideas must be tried to find the best design. For this reason, most DIY projects do not achieve their goal of saving money. Furthermore, DIY projects cannot take advantage of the lower costs possible from buying in bulk. I learned this lesson the hard way, through years of buidling projects.

That's why I decided to start DIY Workshop. Using skills I have aqcuired in my professional practice as a mechanical engineer, I thourougly design and test each project until the final design is a high quality product that you can always build for a fraction of the costs of its commercial counterpart. It saves you the wasted time and effort of the trial and error necessary to build a DIY project, as well as offering you a kit with materials that I purchase in large quantities at low costs, saving you both time and money. It also allows me to keep doing what I love doing: designing and building!

Currently you will only find one book and kit at DIY Workshop, and that is Build Your Own Mesh Head Electronic Drumset. Rest assured that there will be many new projects to come shortly. I already have several other designs completed, and am currently writing books on their construction. Please come back often to check for the progress on these projects. Feel free to drop me an email at any time.

Happy building!

Joshua Lohr

Owner, DIY Workshop